Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Su got scared of piercing.

Yesterday the girls and I decided to go and get our eras pierced at this tiny shop in the university campus which is famous for painless piercing. And the guy is really good.
Sadly, Sancho's mom didn't allow her, on account of her already sporting 2 holes in her ears. So me and Su went forward and visited the little shop which was already overflowing with students getting more pierced on their eyebrows, ears , inside the ears and all. One particular girl stood out for wearing 16 pairs of rings in total.Her left ear was half pierced already and she came to him to get the hole thing holed! A mesh according to me.
I stuck my head in the huddle and chose my studs and went to get pierced, pretty uneventful but he after effect pleased me and now i have three holes punched in each ear. And this was the time Su decided to chicken out from the whole thing after watching a feisty teenager wince on getting a stud on the inside of her ear.
We started walking towards McDonalds as we had to kill time before Sancho met us when Su decided to go for it, We walked back to shop which was still crowded, after waiting for few minutes, su once again got the pre-piercing jitters and we walked away.
Now sitting comfortably at McD's, we were chomping away on our burgers when Su once again, in a fit off adrenaline decided to go for it and we ran towards the shop before she changed her mind. We pushed past the huddle and got her in first.She stood, in fear of the tiny needle "hole-ing" her and in a second it was all over. She didn't feel a think! Great job!
My Ear! I Luv it!!
Later on we walked the streets of Janpath and CP buying odd stuff from purses to posters and a lot of studs for our newly holed ears! Sancho wanted a dress that the guy claimed to be from a famous Spanish label and no amount of haggling would get the price down she left, a disappointed person.
CP was streaming with some tourists wearing funny clothes, some fashionable and then there were the drop dead gorgeous tourists.Ah! we had a fun time, watching them as we did on troubling the shopkeepers(We very pleasantly told the some tourists the real price of the item they wanted before the shopkeeper could quote an absurdly high price!) And yes, we were glared at by the shopkeeper and his cronies and we made our way out fast!

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