Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why Ranbir Kapoor is losing female respect.

Poor Ranbir Kapoor has found himself in a soup of his own making. A known womanizer and celebrated playboy, his antics left him red faced recently when a couple of his exes decided to come together and bad mouth him at Karan Johar’s Talk show few weeks back.
Koffee with Karan, few weeks ago was full of hilarity and much bitterness as Deepika Padukone made slight comments on Ranbir’s lascivious ways. Just a week before, the media was rife with Ranbir’s list of girlfriends and his apparent “handling” of them all, so it came as a much relief to the feminine me to see Deepika retaliate this way.
The kapoor family has always been notorious for playing with women with the legendary filmmaker, Raj kapoor leading the roost. Following in the his grandfather’s footsteps is Ranbir whose famous conquests include Avantika(Imran Khan’s fiancĂ©e), Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif.
Some months ago, the relationship of Deepika and Ranbir sizzled all over with pics of them in a lip-lop a rage in the town. So while Ranbir had no qualms with PDA with his girlfriend and discussing his private life in the public, it comes as a surprise that he is annoyed at Deepika’s comments now. When they could flaunt their “love”, it’s almost natural that a broken hearted Deepika would pass bitter comments.
As a ring leader of women nursing their broken hearts and not afraid of speaking out aloud, I like Deepika’s way of coming up front and declaring to the whole world what Ranbir exactly is. He sure has lost a lot of female respect in these days.
Another person, losing respect these days is Ranbir’s father Rishi kapoor who is angry at the verbal attacks on Ranbir and has refused to work with Karan Johar ever again.
Poor Mr. Johar is caught up in the messy break-up situation.
Break Ke Baad. Doesn’t seem like a good thing, Does it?

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