Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shopping and sleeping

1st Dec..!! The date with the most birthdays..!!
And topping the list is my Mom.!!!!!!
This time, Dad is in Kalimpong and Mom is here, so I was rudely woken up by my cell phone blaring at 6 in the morning(when I had slept at 2, it was offensive, to say the least). It was dad calling on my cell to scold us for not wishing Mom at the earliest(We were blissfully sleeping!!!!). Taking in the reproach, I shut my cell and once again succumbed to the illicit pleasure of a blanket in the chilly wintry morning.
As we woke up at normal human time, we presented Mom with our gift(something we had spent hours looking for in the mall yesterday) and then it was time for my mom;' shopping.
Imagining it to be a pleasurable trip in the mall, I was shocked to know that we were going for plain old grocery shopping(ewww!). It was a ghastly experience(as usual) in the Taurus Canteen, which has achieved new levels of "sucking". Me and my cousin pushed the dilapidated trolleys through the roads and the pathways and it was a good arm workout(Looking on the brighter side!). The canteen was was a mess with items strewed all over, old people running amok and crazy females in coats trying to break the line!
After hours of trudging along, the torture ended and we came home for a homely lunch as my poor cousin took in the role of a coolie, carrying all the bags up.
Then the three of us settled in the living room, darkened it and then sat on the couch to watch the Social network again, chomping on goodies that we had whisked from the cupboard.
And then it stuck! The damn migraine again which had been annoying me for the past two days. so I had to abandon my place on the couch and retreat into the darkness and warmth of my room to sleep it off.Something which becomes an arduous task as my head beats from inside and every sound and movement is magnified 100 times.
And now I am awake, waiting for another set of cousins to come and eat the delicious chocolate cake in the fridge!

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