Sunday, December 5, 2010

Free Garlic Bread

Dominoes service has been deteriorating lately, with home delivery, which is perpetually late and customer care people on phone, who’d rather be chatting and gossiping with each other.
So yesterday when I and Bhai stood at the counter to place our orders, he made an observation that Dominoes looked over employed! And it did! There were loads of blue uniformed people inside the kitchen frolicking away in their pizza gossip and chatter. The one taking the order thought it was fun to chat with his other friend on the next phone and ignore the customers, so here we stood waiting to place our orders as over-zealous party poopers argued over the best possible discount they could get.
After much pushing and jostling and trying to get the man’s attention, we placed our orders and left to hunt for Pepsi. Returning a half an hour later, our order was still not ready and when we inquired, they suddenly got off to a start and started making our pizza then. So we were late and really pissed off by then.
As we stood arguing over the time limit and whether we should complain or not, I guessed they heard us and in an instant we were presented with a box of the cheesiest garlic bread-sticks. Chomping away as we waited, the idiots finally decided to give us our pizzas and we left.
This got me thinking on the unprofessional attitude of these places where they are so overtly confident that customers would wait for them and give in to their whims and fancies. It is plainly annoying.

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