Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why I hate customer Care

Everyone hates customer care.Those pesky people who call you at the most inappropriate time and keep blabbering in you ear about some product or a new scheme. Most of the time I politely shut them off but today afternoon they really annoyed me.
I was blissfully texting my hot neighbour, who was replying to me at the same speed and I was in heaven when this idiotic person from DishTV decides to call me a chat about the new connection I had ordered. Since it was something relevant, i listened to him jabber on and on about the new schemes and the details on my form and all assorted crap while my phone buzzed repeatedly indicating that new messages were streaming in regularly.
I was running out of patience when the nerve of the man! he decided to put me on hold while he went to get more "details about the package I was buying". Arrgh!!! My patience was zapped up and I was praying that my neighbour doesn't think i was blowing him off.
So after an hour of pure telephonic torture, I returned to check the messages on my cell, which were plenty but my neighbour was now missing.Probably off somewhere.
So here I was, back in my Single world all thanks to the great DishTV customer person who had informed me that he would call me up again tomorrow to let me know more details.
I can't wait.NOT.

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