Saturday, January 28, 2012

Committed: A sequel to Eat Pray Love

Elizabeth Gilbert has to marry Felipe now.Not because they are madly in love, which is true but because the US department of Homeland security wants them to!
Liz is back with her cynicism, her theories and deep insights into the history of marriage, a matrimonial potpourri of some of the most hilarious wedding customs, a discussion on feminism and the final see saw of Gilbert's thoughts as she pursues marriage a second time.
There is one personal reason why I love Gilbert, she writes what I think and its freaking awesome! It feels creepy too, reading your thoughts like that but hell, I am a writer and I have found someone who I can identify with, finally! And this comes after years of trying to find someone when people ask the question who is your idol? I know Liz would be embarrassed and she really is not my idol in the conventional sense, more like my long lost soul sister.Damn! We have similar thoughts about so many issues that its surreal.
When it comes to marriage, she takes up the many issues that have bothered her, talked about matrimony in a very sensible manner, dissected everything from the role of the woman, the foundation of love and her first failed marriage.And like always, I could relate to it, not that I am contemplating matrimony in any sense right now, I am just twenty one! But on the whole, as she talks about her mother and the feminist movement in the 1970's, the Greek and the Hebrew style of thinking, the wifeless marriage, the ceremonial wedding situation and finally Felipe, who becomes  more real.
Gilbert talks about infatuation, how when we are young we get caught in it the soul sucking, breath taking avalanche of deep emotion, it lasts for few months and you are back on steady ground, if you are not, God give you strength. Sometime infatuation changes to marriage and sometimes it leads to disaster, either way, it is one force to reckon with and something to think about.
And then she talks about the bonds of matrimony themselves, how love binds them all, and what love really is, it is debatable, but I like the Felipe and Liz brand of love, the quiet simple rhythm they have, how they diffuse arguments and live in harmony, how they seem to make a routine out of each other and yet the passion never dies, it just melts the romantic in me.
And one just cannot help but cry in relief when he finally meets her at JGK airport after months of immigration knick knacks and maddening paper work.

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