Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Tryst with Classical Music: Chapter One

I have a friend who loves to listen to classical music and by classical music, I don't mean the modified version with  contemporary music and rap, but the real deal with just the music in it, sarod, sitar, veena etc.Thanks to her, at least now I can differentiate between them!
This Thursday, there was a concert by Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan at St. Stephens and she asked me go with her and I decided to give it a try.
Only because the other day i was listening to some songs she had given me and one by Amaan Ali Khan stood out, Rhythm of love it was called and it set such a beautiful backdrop to my writing that I liked it.
And so I went to the concert and there they stood, Amaan And Ayaan Ali Khan, young, good looking Sarod players(one is married and the other in engaged, that counts against them) and they started playing. It went all over my head, i wont lie but for the first thirty minutes or so, it was good. The next hour passed with me climbing the steep curve towards migraine, only to prove that I really am tone deaf.
We got top interact with the two and they really are such humble and friendly soles and did I mention, they look good?
Ayaan is the younger one, with a twinkle in his eyes, a dimple and a spark that showed how talented he was, he played without any concern. Amaan is the elder one with intelligent eyes and as he played, he managed the team as well, his brother and the tabla Players.
As for me, I continuously try to broaden my limited music horizon and so now, I can tick of Sarod from my list. And now I know what it looks like as well!!
My other classical music efforts include Claude Debussy who is really good but sounds a bit amateur, Beethoven, who sounds sad sometimes and sometimes so grand that I wish i was born in the time such music was played and random Operas for I haven't really been able to identify the singers and the styles yet, though I would love some suggestions.

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