Thursday, February 2, 2012

Guys are like Girls!! Even worse.

I have been prompted by many to write on this and finally I do. Not that I like writing about relationships and stuff because frankly, I am no expert seeing how my long distance relationship with Tom is not getting anywhere.Tom Cruise.He is married.To a girl, hotter than me.:|
My mom noticed a guy in a park, he was happily blabbering on the phone going on like some oestrogen filled woman, "I want talk to him because he said that or please darling I didn't mean it that way but the tone was like this blah blah blah." And I came to a conclusion, the new age guy is turning into a girl!
Its not just the way he talks but his behaviour, the thought process and everything else. Mostly, girls around me get confused by the way they act when it comes to courtship(I like this term and I will use it!).
Old age courtships were grand, you are introduced in a formal setting and the man then makes a grand gesture of sorts.He might ask you for a dance or a walk in the park and calls for frequent visits, taking you to operas and the theatre.Once everyone knows his intentions, he will pop the question, ask you to marry him and the waiting period can last from 6 months to 2 years but you are his, he will write you letters, sing songs, send gifts and make it very clear that you are his.
Cut back to today, you have guys who show interest in you, take you out maybe or text you, sms you, skype with you and whatever with you(There are so many freaking ways to communicate!) and then starts thinking! This is the catch here, the guy is not supposed to think, well he is but not like a girl!It gets frustrating. He will think and analyse every move you make, if you text him, he will think twice before texting you and this thing I discovered few months back, the whole point system. The one who texts first loses points or if you have a better reply you gain more, the more troubled the other one sounds and so on.It is one annoying game.
Then there are other games, the whole touch me or not touch me game, he will hold your hand and wait for you to make a move, he will come closer only to make you want more.The waiting game, he will call you up frequently for days and then disappear, this a classic he is pulling to gauge your interest.He will flirt with you and test your reaction, are you the type of girl he wants? if you appear confident, are you too confident?If you are homely, are you too homely?And at the end of this, all you want to do is slap the guy.
And then they blame us for thinking. We don't even think that much.All we want is, you are interested, freaking show that interest and stop testing or doing what you guys do.If you are interested, be there, don't leave weird comments and hanging remarks because frankly if the girl is not head over heels or extremely stupid, she might just get annoyed and leave you to your means.Keep it simple, keep it short and leave the thinking and games to girls!
It's just easier to talk, right? You want her to text more often, say it, you want to meet her, ask her.Simple.


  1. so rightly put! kudos to u sam! :)

  2. sad that you missed your TOM...
    I feel that you watch more Hollywood movies, can see that fragrance here..
    I don't get the core point of this post(I'm a moron :P)..
    I hate that piggy guys who goes behind girls like hounds, just because if 1 or 2 dumb, whole community is facing such humiliation..
    Girls like guys are still worserrrrrrrr either !

    Good post, i liked the humor in it !

  3. awesome! loved it! :)

  4. Its not Hollywood movies but people in general! Thats what ya, guys are turning increasingly wierd and and and everything I have mentioned is true! It has happened to people around me and I have seen it.