Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ink Drips and spills too: Harry Potter and Tattoos

A week since I got my first tattoo and since writing is what i do the best, I had to absolutely had to write about it.You will understand, right?
I had been contemplating getting inked for a long long time, not because I had something great to ink myself with or anything meaningful, just because it looks good, period. 
Hunting for a design has been really a cumbersome process, from a stylish ankle tattoo to a sexy one on the back, I have looked through all the possibilities. There is a show I watch, LA ink and it features interesting tattoos, with stories and why people get those and i started thinking. About stuff that has made an impact on me, something I really love and something I would want forever, now I had to avoid the faux pas of Angelina Jolie(With the Billi Bob Thornton tatoo) and Deepika Padukone(with the RK tattoo). I couldn't get a Tom Cruise tattoo because who are we kidding, he wont leave Katie Holmes, not at least right now. I don't want a butterfly or stars or a heart(yuck! Gross) and I hate to admit it but I am not a deep person who has some great inspirational stuff I would want plastered(or rather inked) on my body forever. I am a pretty shallow person who would like a good looking tattoo that looks good(duh!) with everything.
And I thought and thought and thought when I realised that the one thing I really really love and dont mind having with me forever is Harry Potter(yes, I didnt grow up!). To be philosophical, you have such books that become a part of your life, I mean the Lord of the Rings generation would know that.Hobbits and all.So we are the Harry Potter generation, I have grown up with the scrawny specy guy, laughed with Gred and Forge, brewed the polyjuice potion and laughed with Peeves. This is my alternative universe and I still escape to it when I am down or just plain happy and i am twenty one and I don't mind admitting that. There are millions like me, I know that and Harry Potter is just life, nothing will replace that and I had my tattoo.

"Magic is Might"

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