Friday, February 3, 2012

Toilet Manners: The perils of using a Public Toilet

I tackle this subject only because it annoys me the most, people have absolutely no toilet manners when it comes to using public toilets Yes, those yellowing abodes of mice and stick that can be the scene of many unhygienic nightmares. Some of the most annoying habits of people and one thing that I really wish for is, that they change it, please do because for a person with a weak bladder(read me), it becomes an extremely disgusting experience trying to do gymnastics while peeing all because someone forgot to wipe the piss of the seat!
1. Leave the toilet seat Dry: The yuckiest and the most common thing people do. I mean, how can you Not aim well especially if you are a girl and have your butts planted on the toilet seat. What exactly are you doing that makes that icky yellow liquid spill all over the seat? And then where do your manners go when you see a mug with water and a toilet paper, you can very well wipe it, it’s your piss.
2. Toilet paper is free: That’s what the multitude thinks really. You see it for free, you use it, oh hell, take the whole lot, no one will say anything. And you are left in toilet purgatory after such a person leaves the toilet.
3. To flush or not to flush:  Seems like people don’t have any flushes in their homes or don’t know how to use them or just plain don’t want to touch the public toilet flush. So we are left to deal with leftovers of their bowels that stink up the toilet and make you want to bash that person up, like really hard.
4. The whole floor is my toilet: This theory is followed by many still who refuse to use the industrious toilet seat and go and pee on the floor. I mean why? If that’s what we were supposed to do, they would just have holes on the floor and save on a lot of money and labour. And as a result, you are left in a yellow pool of their disgusting-ness.
5. The washbasins are meant to be dirtied: They comb their hair, leave used paper towels, cotton buds and remnants of makeup all over the washbasin simply because who the hell bothers about clearing it all up and throwing in the dustbin kept just few feet away? We don’t and neither should you.
6. If it is not stuck, it is to be broken or stolen: And they live by this rule, steal the soap, the soap handle, the paper towels, the small artificial flower or decoration and even the dustbin lid. Why leave even that? Get some screwdrivers and finish the job.
Basically people have lost their toilet manners and if for the safety of you butts and noses, it is better that you control your bladder and go to your home.
Have fun!

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