Monday, December 19, 2011

The Revenge Theory

Does it leave us feeling satisfied at the end of the day or we are the same as ever?
I have been surfacing in and out of the theory of Revenge for the past week or so. There are movies made on this, serial plot lines, books and then real live human action to watch as they battle it with their conscience on revenge.
There has always been a time in the life of a person when they have been wronged by somebody and personally, I am conflicted on how one deals with it. You can either take the high road and tell yourself that what goes around comes around or you can go out there and get yourself avenged. Drama much?
But then again, the feeling of being let down by someone or something, the situation not playing for you and the eventual disappointment and heartbreak, revenge does seem worth it, doesn't it? I watch a show called the mentalist where the lead, Patrick Jane is driven by a strong motivation to avenge the murder of his family and helps the crime bureau solve murders. MI4 had Paula Patton kill the murderer of her love interest and then there are the numerous Sunny Deol and Ajay Devgan films in Bollywood all centred on revenge.
One thing, we all must realise and come to terms with is that life is not fair, nor is it perfect. It's our actions that make it so. And along the way people will disappoint you and things will not fall into place sometimes and avenging yourself, setting the deal right might seem alluring(trust me, to me it does. many times) but its what you are going to feel afterwards that seems to matter more.
I have been through this many times, in my head, over and over again, why  me? So have we all, from the smallest things in life to major setbacks.
But one should think from the other person's perspective as well. Why they did what they did. And why they do what they do. It is hard to think of them as people but that's what they are too. They make mistakes and maybe you weren't a mistake to them but you cannot berate yourself over this. Setting yourself in the whole revenge mode, thinking dark and doing dark might ease you for a while but in the end you are no better than the other person, are you?
As i conclude this, all I have understood till now is that the only person who matters is you and how you can face yourself at night. Ruin the bitch who fucked up your life or rise again from the ashes? A la phoenix.

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