Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Disappointment of being Human.

You pin your hopes and dreams on someone and something and then that breaks you in the end. All that you have thought of, all that you ever wanted, everything destroyed in seconds. What you need to do then is to introspect and think, analyse and re-analyse where you went wrong for at the end of the day its you who matters. You need to be able to stand up there and look in the mirror, at your conscience and be able to answer yourself truthfully.
We all suffer from childish fits, the wants and the needs and we need to differentiate between them, it can be a very difficult task. I have been through this and something i read in a teen fiction came to me once, the lead suddenly realises that that the heroine maybe wants him and does not need him and this changes everything about the dynamics of the relationship. He starts to perceive her as an independent woman and questions his actions. I am just drawing analogy here for this question of need and want always surfaces everywhere, be it in your professional life when you need that raise or do want it? In your daily life when you need to buy that pair of uggs or do want them? personally, it is a good thing to maybe just pause and first answer this question.
But even after you categorise your need and wants no one says that you wont be disappointed when you don't get you "want". For the thing that you want is the thing that makes you the happiest, it is something that can lighten up your darkest days and make you complete or just bring a smile to your face and not getting it will only fuel all your negative feelings and energies. Philosophy dictates that fr every disappointment that we have, we will find something else that will make us happier in and feel better about ourselves. It is the law of karma, newton's third law, the balance of mankind.
And maybe that thing wont be what you wanted at that point but slowly you will realise how important it actually is for you must remember that it managed to break through all your barriers of wants and needs, it ripped through the sadness engulfing you, strong and stoic and it managed to finally pull you out of the dark abyss of desolation.
it will take time and it wont be easy for as humans, although we are presented with a lot of disappointments, we hardly seem to rise above it and keep wallowing in self pity. Cry all you want and exhaust it, do other things that you want to do and just don't ever shut all the doors for that will only lead to a darker night and a darker life.

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