Sunday, September 4, 2011

Illuminati: How true is the the truth?

I have spent the better part of my last few days reading up and watching weird(for a lack of a better word) videos. As I spent my time studying(Shocker!) and working (the sad necessity of life), these videos were my time pass until I came upon one suggesting that Heath Ledger's death was a conspiracy by the Illuminati. With a serious face, I controlled my laughter at the absurd allegations and watched the video of this person who claimed to suggest that a group of Satan worshippers had done away with heath for he was no longer in their control. His reason range from why would the actor commit suicide when he had a young daughter and was recovering from drug addiction? Plausible enough and then he went on to say that the Illuminati gave clues to his murder from clipping of the last film, the actor did. Check out the video if you are really interested.
Now, every reader and/or a Dan Brown fan would have come across Illuminati in his novel, Angels and Demons. Brown explained the group as a sect of Illuminates:the enlightened ones, scientists and academic people who were banned by the church for propagating beliefs not endorsed by the Church. hence, the anti-church/Satan worshippers angle to the group. Further research on the group led to the explanation of many symbols and practices which had been deemed controversial. The famous head of Satan, the horned god of Egypt, bapometh was a god of fertility. The all seeing eye, on the American bank note, a Freemason symbol as many founding fathers of the country were Freemason, nothing satanic about them. And then, Illuminati ceased to exist. And I stopped thinking about it.
Until, I read how Brittany Murphy and her husband also her handler were murdered by the Illuminati. Strangely, their deaths were never explained. cardiac arrest at such age from no apparent reason, do court controversy. And conspiracy buffs were once again agog with the fact that the Illuminati predicted her death. Her last film, the deadline showed her getting killed in the bathroom, the same way she died in real life.
Then there is a series of Illuminati videos and material on the net that raises many strange questions and cites facts. The symbolism and references to death are stupid. But the strange events might not be. here are some of the points, I haven't really understood.
1.Michael Jackson always talked about the industry being racist and people being after him. After his death, his sister LaToya said to the cameras, "They have killed my brother and they know who they are." Jermaine Jackson talked about "they" on a TV show as did his mother and father.So, obviously, the whole family could not be paranoid. Could they?
2.The inexplicable deaths of so many celebrities at a young age from no known causes. It is creepy.
3.The defamation of celebrities who speak about such controversies. Like Charlie Sheen, who questioned 9-11 was suddenly held for domestic abuse and drug addiction.
4.The Assassination of presidents who spoke against such secrets and secret societies, read: Abe Lincoln and JFK. And no headway has ever been made into their deaths.
5.FEMA camps located in all 50 states of USA. Why do we need modern day concentration camp like things which can house millions. The government says its for a national emergency. What kind of emergency they anticipate?
6.Prince Charles talks about disasters occurring around the world for 4 years.He said this in 2008. A 2012 controversy?
7. Hugo Chavez said in a press conference that USA has a weapon called HAARP that produces drastic climate changes and is responsible for the earthquakes at Haiti and Chile and all over the world. He can't be delusional, can he?
8. Conspiracy buffs talk about an American holocaust advertisement which ran on MTV for two weeks. An indication of an upcoming American holocaust, they say.
9. And the many references to a New World Order by the president, the pope and the British Prince.

I am undecided on it. Maybe there is some other explanation for the Illuminati sounds too far fetched. But then again, truth is stranger than fiction.


  1. Hey...
    Are you talking same society like Freemasonry ?

  2. If I take up the conspiracy theory angle, Freemasons are a part of the Illuminati, kinda like the modern day Illuminati.
    And historically freemasons have existed, george Washington and the founding fathers being open about their affiliations and it was a harmless society really.