Sunday, May 20, 2012

Things Harry Potter has taught me.

People often talk about the Harry Potter fandom and don't understand why we love the series as much as we do. Here is a list of things HP has taught us and siriusly this is more than just some random kids novel.!

1. Love makes the world go round: As Dumbledore said each time, you can love and yes you can. The books taught us how love between friends, between siblings and kids of your friends, professors, neighbours, people who just know your name, house elves, half giants and dragons mean so much more than all the wealth you can accumulate in life and all the power you can get.And this makes you the strongest person you can ever be.The power to love.

2.The gray in between: Sirius said that the world is not divided into death eaters and good people.We all exist in between.Snape showed that a Slytherin can be brave and can love.And no one is pure evil or pure good. We are all humans after all.

3.No one is beneath us: What would the world be without those creature we cite beneath us? The house elves, the goblins(though they are mean), dragons, giants, pixies, unicorns, thestrals and centaurs all play such an important role. A lesson in life, no one is beneath us and they are all very very important.

4.No good comes of forced love: Merope bewitched Tom to marry her and yet he could never love her. Never force the love of a person, no good ever comes out of it.

5.Loyalty above all: People are so important to us that staying loyal to the ones we love makes us stringer than we are. And as the death eaters bundled together, we had everyone beckoned at the call of the DA.And the ones who were the most loyal, Luna, Ginny and Neville. The ones who never left and were always there to fall back on.

6.The bad are good too: A repeat of the gray area point but sometimes even the ones who wish us bad do us good for their own weird reasons.And Narscissa saved Harry...

7.And even if its all in the head why can't it be real? Why cant we dream and believe in what we want to? Whats in our head might as well be real. Dreams are very powerful.

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