Friday, March 9, 2012

A change in Life

Destiny, they say plays an important part in a person’s life. Firm believers harp on about its magic and the ones who don’t believe in it talk about being practical and real.
But sometimes we are confronted with such situations in our life where we have lost all control over the proceedings of the case. We cannot control what another person thinks or how the dynamics of a particular group and setting affect us and it is at that time we bow to the unknown.
For many, the unknown is God and for others it is fate or destiny, personally, I believe in a balance of things, karma or the yin yang two concepts that govern many things in my life. The Sanskrit Vedas talk about karma, like how many things we do, good or bad get an equal due, whether in this life or in the other. Obviously, I don’t believe in the next life concept, but the idea of getting just deserts is enticing. The yin yang is an oriental concept, martial artists use it, religious monks use it and philosophers talk about it. A circle with an equal balance of black and white with opposite colored circle on it, symbolizing the balance of things in life, man-woman, black-white, good-evil it is all there.
It can sound philosophical but science too has this concept. Science is what I believe in, what makes perfect sense and bears stark resemblance to life. You have the electrons and the protons, opposing charges in an atom, there is the north pole and the south pole of the magnet and the earth, acid and a base in chemistry, infra-red and ultra violet radiations for everything there is an opposite balancing force. Physicists are talking about the anti matter, the opposite of matter basically it is all about a balance in life, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.
But does this apply to human behavior? Does destiny or balance in things play out there as well? The human mind is an electrical process, thoughts and actions are all about converting chemical energy to electrical, mechanical to chemical, reactions and sparks flying everywhere in the human body and how they interact with other reactions sprouting through people and what it all creates, its chemistry, physics or something inexplicable.
When I talk about something that should change, I think about this balance. I am still not sure if it plays out in real life. If every deed you do goes out. Something bad you did meet an end and something good you did get a reward. Sometimes it plays out so well, when you see things getting their due, karma they call it, balance it is. But then again, sometimes it plays out so unfavorably. There are people who have been dealt with a cruel blow in their life, have nothing in life, are sad and helpless and are suddenly crushed to death under a rich man’s car who pays a hefty sum and is out. How does that play out? What do we make of things then?
Or on a larger scale, Idi Amin, the notorious dictator who supposedly drank his enemy’s blood in their skull killed millions and then spent the rest of his life in a political asylum in Middle East amidst riches. Is there really a balance here? Closer home, on a personal front, there is a person who doesn’t like you, they will say something that suddenly affects everything round you and one small miscalculation on your part or ignorance and you have the most important thing snatched away from you. Is it fair? We ask ourselves again and again.
Books have been written on it and sermons been delivered on a maniacal basis almost. People talk about getting out of the self pity mode or they say that what happened to you is all your doing but we need to be realistic as well and this is something I would like to change. If maybe we can control the electrical or chemical or some sort of dynamics of human behavior or human interaction, the wheel of life, it has to be the balance of things.
Optimists will talk about justice, it can be delayed but will always be there but this faith is wavering and it should not, the evil doers should be scared of it and the good-doers proud of it. The third law of motion talks about equal and opposite reaction and that is what I want in this world. A balance of things just so you know how things are working out and how you are doing and a balance of things to not let someone feel out of sorts not let someone feel like they have the bad end of everything and to encourage people to strive harder, work even harder to get what they want and if there is balance, if there is destiny, fate or god, they will get it.
Make the world a happier place.
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  1. Who can fault what you want for the world - a place of hope and happiness for all, especially the ones who are down?