Saturday, September 15, 2012

Creeps after dark

Delhi is rife with creepy people crawling the city after dark, from passing lewd comments to doing condemnable acts, they are everywhere.As a girl in Delhi, walking alone at night can be a horrendous task, here is a list of creepy crawlers you might encounter and you should beware of.

1. Zara zara touch me: This category covers people who have a propensity to touch women for no rhyme or reason. So as you walk on a road minding your business or stand in a bus, a cold hand will suddenly brush against you or maybe when you are at a shop and paying the shopkeeper, he might think your hand is also a part of the payment.

2.Horn OK please: Many a bikers fall under this category, especially when its starts to get dark and you cannot see the shameless "man" on the bike, he would honk at you or play a lewd song just as he passes by you. The more creepy ones might want to follow you your circle around you for sometime.

3.The singer: The singer is the one you really want to slap hard. He will stand in a desolate location or maybe hide somewhere and start singing lewd songs when you are nearby. Once again, the creepier ones might just follow you and sing even more. You can hear songs from "choli ke peeche kya hain" to "Why this kolaveri Di?" all with double meanings and lewd connotations.

4.The Smartass: The smartass thinks he is very smart and clever with words. He is the one who will pass comments on your dress or your walk and team it up with some special sound effects that sound like he is in an orgasm of sorts.

5.One Direction: The braver ones of the creepy lot might try to strike conversation with you by asking you for directions and then, seeing that you were stupid enough in the first place to stand at night and talk to a stranger, offer you a lift or ask for your company to some place.

There are many more disgusting people on the road at night and as a lone girl on the road, it is always better to have some company or be home before dark. Ideally they should be publicly flogged, these creeps who have brains only in their pants, but as a smart woman it is always advisable to keep a pepper spray with you or better still, avoid situations where you might end up all alone in a dark road.


  1. So true ... Yet these people, thought irritating , are cowards and harmless creatures. There are many who go beyond and force themselves, and that is dangerous. Nice post

  2. Even they are not harmless and these are the ones who might cross the line and become dangerous.

  3. really comprehensive and subtle article , bringing truths out in open...