Saturday, November 19, 2011

Exams and the perpetual state of non existence

Come end semester season and I get stuck in limbo. With a non existence I really hate. And here is my post, cribbing about everything and anything that causes me duress during this ghastly season of eternal boredom and brain damaging physics.

1.Too much Physics: I know I signed up for this, but really, I am a writer and forcefully pushing in all the mundane laws of physics, the formulae, the horrendous diagrams and graphs are all just an exercise in futility. I find no real use to all the crap I have been forced to learn because let's be real, no company would want me as an engineer, I'd only destroy anything that comes near me. I don't even know what those triangles are in the circuits we study and we did those in the second sem or maybe the first?

2.Forced break from writing: I love to write. Period. And these stupid crazy days force me to take a break from writing anything I want to. As a result, all those words in me, the great thoughts and future masterpieces of literature are lost to the world.

3. Random Research: That's what I call stuff I like to read about, dig deep into and be a know-it-all about, my random research. from the many serial killers to human behavioral patterns to the legend of the shroud of Turin to history of Mickey Mouse. I like it all and I like to know it all and frankly, people around me will only be scared if I try this "stunt" during the exams when I am supposed to be lapping up all those great new theories of physics.

4.Trade Fair?Not fair!!: Being in Delhi, I sorely miss the Mumbai Vada Pav. I really really do and trade fair is the only time when I can get something that closely resembles the real deal. Why cant Delhi street food vendors be more versatile?!! And my November exams have ruined this experience for me for the past three years. No more Vada Pav. Well someone said they will courier it to me, I am still waiting. ;)

5.Late night talks: The routine of every hosteler. Random chats on the SMS and late night phone calls and catching up with everyone you know. I miss that! Half the people I know are studying during this time and the other half are there but I have to pretend to be a part of the study bandwagon, sadly.

6. TV Shows: The winter season on TV starts and is at its peak in November. And to add to my duress, I have to miss these shows. i cant download them and watch at leisure because of this stupid guilt trip in my head. Hmph! Exams.

7.Work and All that: And all the work I need to do, from the classes to take, to new things to learn and the partying and socialising. I miss it all and this happens to be the best weather of all times!!! Cool and nice.

Exams really are a downer, especially when one is learning stuff that is really pointless. It is to me. Why cant we have a paper on Harry Potter??

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